Reptiles largest trade show around Lake Constance- Southern Germany

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On the Reptilienbörse Dreiländereck in Tettnang/ Southern Germany near Lake Constance you expect in a cozy atmosphere, a very wide range of services. Besides innumerable reptiles / amphibians and other terrarium animals lacking it is not in literature, terrariums, accessories to feed animals! In wide corridors, it is easy to assess at rest the offer We offer you a heated and guarded animal delivery room after a purchase order to continue to visit the exhibitors in the rest! A veterinarian is more competent in any questions for them available. Not least is for your comfort a top restaurant on site

We strive to continuously high quality goods and animals on our exchange visitors present. Cheap provider We reject on principle.

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Exhibitor Information:

following things must be strictly observed to the exhibition on our exchange and Conditions are considered:

• We try `s available to us and strive to improve quality provider of goods / or breeding stock to our visitors to present! Low-cost supplier, we strictly reject!

• The reservation of the exhibition / sales booth considered binding after official confirmation of the organizer (confirmation by e-mail), but not before 14 days prior to the event / exhibition

• The table size is 130 x 80 cm. The rent is 19,- € for a table in the rent of the table entry for 2 people is included, additional tickets can be purchased locally.

• The Rules and Regulations must be observed! Basically, for each provider only products and animals are allowed, which are also approved in the registration confirmation! Please provide a detailed information to providers to avoid using largely similar articles (eg Terrariums: Glass / Wood and number)

• Please bring extension cords, lighting, etc., and distributor plug with your power supply itself.

• Exhibitors are from 7.00 pm the previous day, and at 7.00 am on the day the stock market to build up in the hall. These are (specify in the application) they wish to build in helping. Tables, which are not used to 9.30 clock on the day the stock market can be give to other exhibitors, without the price will be refunded.

• the stock market begins to visitors from 10.00 am, and the degradation before 16.00 pm clock is absolutely not allowed!

• Exhibitors, the exclusive merchandise / or animals may offer to get this in writing in the confirmation of registration with the note: "exclusive provider", sent! Verbal agreements, or e-mail traffic are not considered confirmed without confirmation.

• Basically, we give no guarantee that multiple vendors with similar products are on site. We try to take this into account

We try low-cost suppliers from Eastern European countries to largely avoid

• The hall staff is to be strictly followed, especially for violations of the Exchange Rules